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Enlightened Psychology & Counselling provides CBT and EMDR therapy courses for Adults and Students which can be delivered either in a face-to-face format throughout our Scotland locations or via remote methods, such as phone, video or online (via Instant Message or email).

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Are you a dedicated student on a journey to becoming a qualified counsellor or therapist? At Enlightened Psychology & Counselling Ltd. We understand the importance of nurturing your development as you work towards your professional goals. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our online reduced-rate therapy sessions tailored exclusively for individuals like you!

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Course Overview


Comprehensive Training Course

Course Aim: Discover a diverse range of topics and issues designed to enrich the skills and knowledge of qualified therapists as they venture into the realm of professional practice.
Format: Conveniently delivered two Mondays per month (6 pm – 9 pm), via remote sessions from January 2024 to June 2024.
Mentoring: Enjoy 30 minutes of personalised mentoring every month for 6 months, individually scheduled with your mentor.
Cost: The invaluable investment in your professional growth is priced at £495.

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Learning Outcomes


Specialised Training Program

LO1: Demonstrate adept application of CBT to diverse client populations and presentations.
LO2: Hone your CTSR competency skills for impactful therapeutic interactions.
LO3: Acquire insights into ethical and legal considerations within therapeutic practice.
LO4: Skillfully assess clients’ needs and create individual treatment plans.
LO5: Embrace inclusivity and equality in adapting treatment approaches.
LO6: Understand the vital role of mentoring and utilise it for resourcefulness.
LO7: Cultivate collaboration with fellow professionals.
LO8: Develop strategies for self-care, and maintaining boundaries for personal well-being.

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Course Topics

Enlightened Psychology & Counselling Presents

Each module covers theory, skills and personal development opportunities which will enhance your future career and personal development.

Personal Development

Personal Development Plans: Craft your path to growth and guide clients on their transformative journeys.

Developing Skills: Enhance your toolkit to adeptly meet a variety of client needs.

Managing Risk: Navigate challenges with confidence and ethical awareness.

Online & In-Person Dynamics: Master the art of therapeutic engagement in virtual and face-to-face settings.

Emotions & Group Dynamics

Navigating Emotions: Utilise emotions as catalysts for impactful therapeutic breakthroughs.

Addressing Bullying: Equip yourself to sensitively address bullying-related issues.

Group Dynamics: Learn to facilitate therapeutic groups for collective growth.

Trauma & Self Care

Understanding Trauma: Unlock insights into trauma's impact and facilitate profound healing.

Therapist Self-Care: Prioritise your well-being to foster wellness in yourself and clients.

Exploring Schema Modes: Delve into modes for transformative shifts in therapeutic progress.

Neurodiversity & Professional Practice

Embracing Neurodiversity: Adapt approaches for diverse individuals, embracing neurodiversity.

Professional Practice: Navigate the professional landscape with ethical integrity and skill.

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