Employee Assistance & Wellbeing Services 

Enlightened Psychology & Counselling Service offer an employee assistance and wellbeing service for business and organisations. Employee wellbeing is essential to ensure a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Here are just some of the reasons to invest in your employees’ mental health.  

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The benefits of an EAP Programme

Reducing Absenteeism

Employees may take sick leave for many reasons, but poor mental health is one of the leading causes of absence in the workplace. Absenteeism costs companies’ money and persistent absenteeism can be devastating to a business. Having a robust EAP service can reduce the amount of time employees take off work. Employee wellbeing and counselling/therapy services aim to provide a range of prevention and treatment options for employees and their families. In the event that time off work is required the amount of time can be greatly reduced, while also supporting the employee in a stable and sustained return to work with renewed mental energies and resilience.

Improved Productivity & Reduced Company Costs

Employee Assistance / wellbeing services can improve the productivity of your employees. When an employee is struggling emotionally with issues such as mental illness, family/relationship problems, substance or alcohol abuse, stress, trauma (amongst many others) this can often result in a reduction in productivity at work. By supporting the employee early on, by offering prompt mental health assessment options, prevention techniques and therapeutic intervention, means that the financial impact on the company that social, psychological and physical can create, are also reduced.

Improved Workforce Morale & Staff Turnover

Happy and healthy employees are productive and effective. By supporting and investing in your employees’ wellbeing ensures that they are well taken care of as individuals and subsequently perform effectively as part of your team. Therefore having a wellbeing service in place is highly conducive to a harmonious workplace. 

Low morale on the other hand, is linked to high staff turnover and this can be costly for any company. EAP services effectively reduce the turnover of employees by managing work related and personal stress. EAPs improve the working environment in terms of morale and company support ensuring employees are less likely to leave their jobs. The added advantage here is that the employees know that the company supports them in their daily work.

Reduced Accidents at Work

It is worthwhile to consider the wider effects of stress and mental-ill health in the workplace. As such, this can also increase the risk of physical accidents or injuries occurring.  A person suffering from stress-related symptoms may also experience difficulty with concentration, mental focus and physical function. This can be a dangerous combination in any environment. An EAP is equipped to prevent this from occurring or at least prevent it from reoccurring. EAPs look after the mental health and ability of your employees ensuring that they are able to function at the required level.

Issues we treat

EAPs cover everything from mental illness, stress-related illness, drug and alcohol problems through to family related stress, martial problems and therapy. These types of programmes have proven highly effective for the wider success of companies that employ them and for the individual employees of those companies.

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How we work

At Enlightened Psychology & Counselling, we can be flexible to the needs of your organisation in terms of how we deliver your EAP Counselling Service. Typically, EAP referrals may come directly from the individual themselves or from a manager/HR representative and usually there will be a set number of sessions authorised by employers for each treatment offered (e.g. 6 sessions per employee).

Ensuring confidentiality and the trust of our clients is of utmost importance however we can balance the needs of both the client and the employer/organisation, by agreeing at the outset the model of reporting required and the types of information that can and cannot be shared. Client consent is sought prior to assessment/treatment and the instances in which confidentiality cannot be maintained (i.e. where risk issues are identified) are clarified.

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We're Here for You

We can operate a pay as you go service where sessions are charged on an individual basis and invoiced at the end of an assessment / treatment block, or we can offer a packaged / subscription service. 

Our EAP Wellbeing Services can include psychological assessment, therapy / counselling, staff well-being sessions/workshops and training for managers in identifying and supporting mental health in the workplace.

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Our Therapies

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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