When choosing a therapist, you might want to consider and check what types of issues they deal with and the approach they use, to see if this fits with what you need. It is important that you ‘gel’ with your therapist, so feel free to contact a few different people before deciding. Just make sure any therapist you work with is fully qualified and registered with a governing body such as BABCP, BACP, COSCA, UKCP or HCPC etc.

At Enlighted Psychology & Counseling, we offer an online booking option where you can book directly with a therapist of your choice, or you can enquire via our website/ office. Gemma, our Clinical Lead will review your information and make a recommendation to book with the therapist that best matches your needs. This can help to remove some of the uncertainty when choosing the right therapist.

Yes, we offer remote therapy options by either phone or videocall. Having this option removes the need to come to the office to see a therapist, but we would encourage you to make sure you have a quiet space where you will not be disturbed / or overhead during your remote session.

A whole range of issues can be addressed in counselling/therapy, from anxiety, depression, anger, OCD, low self esteem, phobias, panic attacks, trauma, relationship issues, worry, stress, self harm, eating disorders, workplace issues, bullying etc etc. These are just a few examples and we would always encourage you to enquire with us here if you are not sure about anything, so that we can advise on the best therapy option for your needs.

Some counselling sessions may vary slightly, depending on the therapeutic approach that you are receiving. However, generally speaking, your first session will always be an initial assessment session. This is where you and the therapist can explore your issues in more depth. Then, from here, both you and the therapist will then identify what the issues are that need to be addressed and these will be the focus of discussion in your coming sessions. Depending on the approach, you might devise therapy goals with your therapist which you will work on addressing as you go forward. You might also have homework tasks to try out with the sessions. The therapist might also devise a ‘treatment plan’ with you which will structure the work that you will collaborate on together. The therapist might also give a recommendation for the number of sessions that you might need. Each session would last 50 minutes.

For some issues, a specific approach might have more evidence of its efficacy in treating that condition. For example CBT is often the treatment of choice for a range of disorders such as anxiety, derssion, OCD, eating disorders, phobias, trauma etc. However, you may not have a specific disorder, it might be a life issue such as stress, or relationship issues which might respond better to an exploratory approach. However, all of our therapists here at Enlightened work integratively, meaning they are not limited to using one type of approach and they can respond and adapt their approach to your own unique needs. For example, if you feel you need a practical and goal orientated type of therapy, then CBT would benefit you here. If you are looking more for an exploratory type of approach with less focus on changing specific behaviors and working toward goals, then it might be a person centred or psychodynamic approach you need. Choosing the right therapist/therapy can be a daunting task, however at Enlightened we can further relieve that stress by providing you with a recommendation from our CLinical Lead on the best approach and therapist for you.