Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments


Enlightened Psychology & Counselling Service can offer a range of specialist Psychological Assessments and advice in a number of areas including:

- Cognitive Assessment (IQ/memory assessment and other functioning abilities)
- Dyslexia and other learning differences (i.e. dyscalculia, dysgraphia etc)
- Personality assessment
- General mental health assessments and functioning (e.g. Depression, anxiety, PTSD etc)
- Behavioural assessment and management
- Forensic risk assessment and management (i.e. violence/sexual violence)

Assessments can be provided for:

- Self funding, private clients/individuals.
- Organisations/employers
- Other referring agencies and bodies (e.g. solicitors, case management companies etc)


Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive assessments may be used to assess memory and IQ and can identify specific areas of strength and weakness in an individual's functioning. Assessments may be requested privately by the individual him or herself or they can be funded and requested by organisations. Assessments can be carried out at the Enlightened office in Wellington Square or on site within a place of employment.

Assessment of cognitive functioning often last for up to 1.5 hours and involve completing a range of set tasks from vocabulary tasks to mental arithmetic and spatial awareness tasks. Support and instruction is provided during the test and a detailed report follows the assessment with practical advice for adapting ones functioning to suit their needs and abilities.


Personality Assessment


Personality assessments can offer a comprehensive insight into each individuals' own unique personality profile or make-up. They can also assist in the assessment of personality disorders.

Assessments may be requested by self funding, private clients or by referring agencies and organisations. Assessments can be carried out at the Enlightened office in Wellington Square or at the referring establishment where appropriate.

A personality assessment can last up to and beyond 1.5 hours and may involve both answering set questions via a structured questionnaire and also through a face to face interview. A detailed report will be provided after assessment with clear and comprehensive feedback.

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